Lael Stable

Gretchen and Roy Jackson
“Alice Chandler was one of the first Kentucky horse breeders we were aware of when we first entered into the Thoroughbred world of racing and breeding. This was back in the late seventies. Her Mill Ridge Farm, which she poured herself into and built to its present stature, is remarkable: barns, fences, horses all on blue grass. To be a boarder at Mill Ridge is to know and have peace of mind. Horses thrive there.” Gretchen Jackson

Gretchen and Roy Jackson opened up their hearts for the entire world to see in their handling of BARBARO and his struggle.  Their love of the horse goes back to Gretchen’s childhood days and they are very passionate and caring for the Thoroughbred.  It is certainly an honor to assist them with their Thoroughbred business and to call them friends.