Nancy Dillman

Nancyw_Easter Bunnette 2012_ad_1
It’s a wonderful business if you have the support of a farm like Mill Ridge … everyone works together as a team, and they do a terrific job in terms of guiding you and communicating with you. I love working on the matings for my mares with Headley. Nancy Dillman

Like so many of our clients, our relationship with Nancy spans nearly 30 years.  Her introduction to Mill Ridge Farm is a result of breeding her mare Cacti to Diesis.  That offspring became the champion two year old in Europe in 1987, DIMINUENDO who was in Diesis' first crop.  Only recently she has touched the pinnacle once again having bred 2011 Horse of the Year HARVE DE GRACE from her mare Easter Bunnette.  Nancy only has a few mares, yet they are rich in quality and always capable of breeding a genuine racehorse.  Like so many of our clients/friends our greatest reward is when they do well and the thrill of HAVRE DE GRACE has been monumental.