"When consulting with my clients, I try to establish a game plan. We set certain goals and then go through the step-by-step procedures depending on what aspect of the business will bring them the most satisfaction. There are two considerations. One is financial reward; The other, perhaps more important, is enjoyment." Headley

Price and HeadleyNicoma's experience and knowledge can help your program improve and bring you greater fulfillment through some of our personal consultation services, including: appraisals, mating advice, racing management, season and share purchases, yearling and mare purchases, private acquisition of racing prospects, etc. Some of our valued clients that trust and utilize our different areas of service include: Juddmonte Farms, Lael Stable, Mill Ridge Farm, George Strawbridge, Jr. Darley, Jim Tafel, Haras du Mezeray, Tolie Otto, John & Jerry Amerman, Marc Keller, Nancy Dillman, and others.

"I have known Headley for over 20 years. We have had business dealings with him for many years. His integrity is unquestioned and his professional advice has been invaluable to us." - John Ferguson – Darley Representative

Bell BookBARBARO's success for Roy and Gretchen Jackson demonstrates the greatest reward in contributing to one's Thoroughbred program. Having assisted with his mating, our role is to provide professional advice in every aspect of the business. Each client has their individual program and by working with them as a team, we contribute our expertise in order to build the strongest foundation possible.


"Headley Bell was born to succeed in this business we all love. His grandfather, Hal Price Headley was, and his mother Alice Chandler is, highly respected in the Thoroughbred industry. Headley represents the best in character, integrity, knowledge of the Thoroughbred, and business acumen. And last but not least, he is my friend." - Tolie Otto – Thoroughbred Owner & Breeder

"In the Thoroughbred business it is essential to find a competent, trustworthy and honest relationship. This can be offered by Headley Bell from Nicoma Bloodstock Agency with whom Haras du Mezeray has been associated for more than 20 years as its agent for the U.S. market." - Charles-Henri de Moussac – Haras du Mezerey