Expert Witness

"This is not an area I focus on but has grown over time as the need arises. Many times I am attempting to assist in the 'right versus wrong' and that is rewarding and a benefit for the thoroughbred industry." Headley

Miller, Griffin & Marks April 2010 James Lauffer v. Thoro-Graph, Inc. and Jerry Brown
Vimont & Wills July 2002 Everest Stables v. Trontz & Bluegrass Bloodstock
Frilot, Partridge May 2002 Charles Schramm v. Kohnke & Clements
James Chaisson, dba Global Insulators & Environmentally Safe Products
Miller, Griffin & Marks July 2001
June 1998
Kelly & Belzberg v. Strayer
Deputy Commander Case
Stites & Harbison February 2001
June 1995
Calumet Farm, Inc. v. Perez
1st National Bank of Louisville v. Tom Gentry
Baxter, O'Meara & Samuelsen March 2000 Criminal Command Case
Walter, Tarrant & Combs March 2000 Cobra Farm, Inc. v. Perez